Newport weekend away

Now that Aaron is almost done school he is working in the Clinic which means no more 2 week vacations. It's kind of a bummer but I guess you don't get a two week break every three months in real life either so.....yeah. He is able to book some time off and so he took off Monday and Tuesday so we could enjoy and extra long weekend as a family.

A few days before Aaron's time off some of our good friends, Ashley and Jeff Clayton, invited us out to the coast to spend the night. They have access to some great places that are really cheap with their time share so off we went! It was a long drive for the boys but they did great! We stopped in Lincoln city for a little shopping and then hit up McDonald's for some lunch. Ummmm.... I think that crown and toy belong to Miles Dad! It was a beautiful Day on the coast, in fact I have never been to the Portland coast on such a beautiful day. It was in the high 70 with no wind! We parked the cars and headed right to the beach, not wanting to miss a minute off the great weather. I think we ended up staying about 3 hours. The boys loved every minute of it and even though I thought they might be a little apprehensive about the ocean they proved me wrong!

The boys where so happy to have their Dad there to spend some time with. He is so good to get out there and play with them, what a great Dad!

Miles LOVED being in the sand and making a mess, Thankfully he is no longer into eating it!

After an....interesting night which involved very little sleep, we were back on the beach exploring! It was a little cooler but we still had a great time.

Holy Preggo, now you know why I stayed behind the camera, ha ha ha!
Then it was off to the peir for a little crabbing, the boys loved watching for boats and seeing how many crabs their Dad's could catch. What great helpers!

For any of you that have been crabbing you know there is a lot of wait time in between casts so we had to find something to keep us occupied.......ICE CREAM!
The trip really tuckered out the boys and brought out Aarons true colors

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