SURPRISE!!!!!! They must really love me!

As you know by now I am about to have my third baby Boy and we are over the moon about it. I did think it was going to be a girl at first but when we found out it was a boy we were both so excited, a boy just felt right, like that is just what our family needed another perfect baby boy. Also we have boy stuff already so we wouldn't have to put out a bunch of money on new baby girl stuff while still in school.

I really wanted to get a few new things for this baby but we really can't afford it while we are finishing up school. Well no need to worry, my girlfriends decided to take over our Monday night girls night a throw me a SURPRISE SHOWER! Aren't they so sweet??? It was so unexpected. They came with a banner and all these treats and a beautiful diaper cake done up by Holly and Dan!

The girls went in on a gift card for us to Target and then got me a few other little things as well! Thanks so much everyone I loved it all!

I also had my eye on teis GORGEOUS new diaper bag. I have never had a real diaper bag, I have just used totes or whatever Ihad but Nicole wouldn't allow that, she got me this bag that I had been dreaming about and I was so surprised! I love it so much!!!!!! THANKS COLE, you are so sweet for getting this for me. I am going to use it until I die!
I know that I am Spoiled, you can say it to my face but either way I love these Portland girls and I am so sad that they won't be over every Monday for the rest of my life! I never want to live away from any of you!

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Nicole Wagner said...

You are a blogging machine! I check in and there are like 10 new posts! geesh!!
love you:)