Back and Better than ever!

That's right Folks the Tolmans are BACK! Well Lynz and the boys are anyways. All though we are missing Dust while he is back in the Caribbean working his tail off at med school we are loving having the rest of the Poytreman family right back here where they belong. Sure it may only be 4 days but we are going to make it the best 4 days ever!

First up ZOO trip with all the friends we could muster up!

The whole crewThe Poytremans (sans Husbands)We ate out, shopped, played with the girls, made pancakes and cookies, and had a blast! It was so busy and crazy but it was awesome and I am so sad that it is all over! Here we are at the park and this is a little section I like to call: DEAR BECKAM, I LOVE YOU!

and of course who can forget this handsome man?

It was such a great trip, Best Friends back together again and loving every minute of it! Again me and Lynz took NO PICTURES TOGETHER, nice work!

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