Animals and Sunshine.

Since this summer has been a cold one we really like to take advantage of any sunshine that comes our way. That is why when the sun came out we called up the Claytons and speed over to the Zoo. It was a beautiful day and the boys had a blast, as usual!Nothing but love for old T-Rex!
My handsome 4 year old, getting so big!
Oh Miles, looks like you got my lazy eye, SORRY! but look how handsome you are I think its cute!
waiting for the bird show to start, AJ couldn't wait to see the, "eye-bald Eagle" as he calls it.
Miles could have played with this Lion cub all day. i think it's his favorite part of the whole Zoo.
The sea lions, Classic!Waiting for a bird to come drink from his juice cup......None ever did and it broke my heart for him. I am such a smoochy Mom, my heart breaks for them everyday for the silliest reasons!

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