Cowboy Ben

Ben Hill, one of Lyndseys cousins, is just a big kid at heart. He has three little kids of his own and loves playing with any kid that is ready and willing. After the July 1st parade we were having dinner at his parents house which is when he realized that AJ's greatest ambition in life is to become a real Cowboy. He loved his Cowboy boots and his obsession with the bigger boys practicing their roping skills.

Ben asked AJ is he had ever ridden on a horse before, AJ sadly reported that he never had and that is when Ben made, THE OFFER.
"AJ if you come to the rodeo this afternoon I will take you for a ride on my horse, Padro." and that was that. I wasn't sure if we were going to go to the Rodeo but that all changed right then and there. AJ would never forgive me if I made him miss a real horse ride so after naps we went straight to the rodeo.

Ben was so great with AJ! I thought AJ would get shy and maybe not even go but that was not at all the case. He walked right to Cowboy Ben and asked if he could go for a ride and off they went, SO CUTE! Age was in heaven, THANKS SO MUCH BEN!!!!!!

Ben's horse will follow him without a lead so he taught AJ how to use the reins and then let him"ride by himself, while the horse followed Ben. He was so proud of himself, he spent the next few days teaching me how to properly use the reins on a horse.

This is AJ's face of pure happiness!After a little watching from the fench Beckam decided he would like a little ride with AJ as well.

Miles and Mddox also had a go on padro, Mads loved it, Miles.....Not so much!

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