July 1st and Raymond time

Since the Poytress and My parents where out of town from Thursday to Sunday we ended up spending a lot of time out in Raymond with the Tolmans and Hills. Also because we wanted to get in as much Tolman time as possible while we had teh chance! Mostly we spent our time playing out back and catching some sun.

We also got to spend July first out in Raymond which I have never done before, what a hoot! We started teh day off at the Raymond Parade. The boys loved all teh floats, horses, and of course CANDY!

After that we went over to Lynz aunt and Uncles house for a potluck dinner. It was so good, there must have been 20 diffrent salads, and so many treats!!!! I think the best part was the pulled pork, when you get so hungry out in the sun there is nothing better than pork on a bun! By that time the boys where all so tired we had to head home for naps. (I will admit I was in need of a little nap myself, even AJ napped, Yippie!!!!) Next it was off to the rodeo, honnestly the boys LOVED watching the mini horse chuckwagon races but Cowboy Ben really made it speciall for my little man Age. (see next post!)

What a great July 1st! No wonder Lynz never wants to miss one, they are so fun out in Raymond, maybe we will impose on the HIll Family again next year!

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