The time has come, THE TIME IS NOW!

At 3:30AM on July 26th I woke up and told Aaron, "Sweetie, this baby is coming today or tomorrow. I just know it!" He asked if I was contracting or having and signs of labour, which I wasn't but I still felt sure that this was the day.

After a few more hours sleep I was up and at'em. I showered, did my hair, and quickly packed the boys to get out and do our errands. First off was target to get a pay as you go phone, so we could call Canada from the hospital. Stopped for Milk and Cheese and then back for a little house cleaning. After all that we spent the morning riding bikes around the complex and then it was time for lunch. I feed the boys, packed my hospital bag, send AJ to the Wagners to play and then decided to have a little wrestle with Miles before sending him for his nap. He crawled up on the sofa, I reached behind me to pull him over my head and onto the floor and.....POP!!!! My water broke! (12:00pm)

Oh crap! First things first CALL AARON! by the time I got Kevin on the phone and told him to get Aaron away from his patient and send him home, the contractions where coming on hard and fast! Next up call holly over, tell Nicole to please keep AJ, and get Miles down for his nap. 10 minutes later Aaron was home and we were on our way. Seriously that was the LONGEST drive to the hospital but we made it!

Once we got to labour and delivery it was pretty evident that I was ready to go. My pants we're soaked again and I was barley able to talk through my contractions. (12:35ish) They quickly got me to my room, hooked up the monitor and checked me, 7 CM & 90% effaced, woo hoo! it didn't feel great but it was great to know that we were getting close. They called Dr.Drake and he headed straight over, I guess he remembered that Miles came just 1 hour and 45 minutes after my water broke!

By this time the pain was so intense the minute I heard the word epidural I was all over it. Although I was pretty quiet about the whole thing I felt like this baby was just about ready to make his big debue. Dr. Drake arrived just as they were inserting the epidural and I told him, "I am ready to push!" He wanted to check me first but when he went to he could already see our little man head and so he gave me the OK. Well 10 minutes and 3 contractions later Nathan Richard Poytress was born!!!! (1:22pm)

He was so tiny and perfect I just couldn't take my eyes off him. Aaron was such a proud Dad snuggling us up and taking it all in, what a perfect moment. I can only think of about two others in my life so far that compare, there is just no greater feeling that meeting your child for the first time. Beautiful! Please keep in mind I had JUST had him so......not lookin' so hot!Looks like he's already got Dad wrapped around his finger!!I thought he was going to be my biggest baby so far but with AJ at 7'1, MIles at 7'3, Nate came in as the smallest at only 6'11!
First picture with Mom and Dad!
Happy under the warming lights
Sad that he's not snuggled up in my arms!
It took us a while to name him, in fact we didn't give him a name until the next morning at 10:00am. I was really stuck on Desmond and Aaron loved Thomas but neither of us like the others enough to use. In the end we both loved Robert after his great grandpa Bob and Nate after.....no one. It's hard because we love family names and wanted to give his name meaning but Nate seemed to suit him better. Finally we called AJ and asked if he like Nate and he said, "OH YEAH THAT'S AN AWESOME NAME!" what about Robby or Rob? "Um, no that is not a good name for my brother only Nate or Spike!" and so we went with what we all liked best: Nate!

In the end we wanted him to have a full name so we called Him Nathan and then Richard after my amazing Grandfather who I love, Miss, and Respect more than I can ever express! I know that Nate will do his Name proud and that he would love knowing that two of his grandsons (Nate and Becks) will carry his name and memory with them as they journey through this life.Love you grandpa Dick!!!!!!

I seriously caouldn't put him down, JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE!
Later that afternoon Aaron went and got the boys so they could meet little Nate. AJ was immediatlt obsessed with our newest addtion. He was all smiles and once he had Nate in his arms there was no letting go.
Miles on the other hand hardly noticed that Nate was i the room. He came over and gave hime a little smooch and then it was on to exploring. "Just because I'm two doesn't mean I can't still be the baby right!?!"
I get it, he needs a hair cut, but I jsut can't bring myself to cut that cute bleached out hair. I love it!Me and my three little men.HUmmmm....what about our heads?Our attempt at a family picture, with a grumpy Miles and self timer, Nice! Um......Miles, it's not all about you buddy.
Finally we got this......GUess it will have to do until someone else is around to take one.
Having a little fun in the Hospital while the Wolff girls have a turn snuggling baby Nate
We also had a visit from our Portland Family,the Lujans. Little Luke lost his little feel after laying next to baby Nate, you're a growing machein LUKE!Here's a few more pictures I took at the hospital that I could help but post. I love you Nate you are just what our family needed and we are blessed and honered to have you as a part of our family. LOVE


Holly Lujan said...

Oh Baby Nate, we love you SO much!! We are so glad he is here safe and sound. He is such a tiny little man and we can't wait to watch him grow up. He better grow quick or Luke might eat him for lunch!

lynz said...

LOVE is right! he is so freakin cute and the family pics are to die for, and i love the one of miles in nate's bed - priceless! love you little nate dog and can't wait to give you some auntie lynz snugs!

Nicole Wagner said...

Beautiful and sweet. he is PERFECT Lace! you make cute babies!! I love him already and know he is going to be just as fun and sweet and special as AJ and Miles are! I love you to bits and so glad we have another poytress boy to join the clan!!!!

Andrea, Josh, and Cohen Johnson said...

He is beautiful! What a hectic but wonderfully FAST delivery. Great job making handsome babies!

dwbrallier said...

Love that little guy so much already!! Good job making it to the hospital in time!!

Linds said...

He is perfect!!! I love that little face. I just want to sniff his little head. I know that's weird but I love newborn baby smell. Anyway, you look AMAZING, and way way tan. You are a babe. And way to go on the super fast labor!

Lauren Miller said...

HE's SO CUTE!!! i think he looks like a mini AJ. Congrats :)

The Anderson Family Trio said...

Uh, so that picture of you right after you gave birth? Let me just say that I hope I look half as good after pushing out a 6 pounder. And oh my goodness, Nate is ADORABLE! Jay and I both love the name and were even considering it before you totally swiped it haha. Your growing little family is so cute. Congrats Poytress clan!

Kendra LaRae Tidmarsh said...

GOOD JOB! He is so perfect! I can't wait to meet him!

kelsey said...

Nate is gorgeous. You look freaking fabulous, I can't even believe it! I love all the pictures, he is just so tiny and amazingly perfect. It makes me need to snuggle a new baby. (Someone else's lol).