Home again Home again

After our 4 days of Portland living it was time to head home and surprise our families. Everyone thought that the tolmans would be arriving the end of July boy where they going to be SHOCKED to see then a whole month early! But that would all come later, first we had to get there. So once again we packed the car with all our lugage, 4 boys, 3 bags of treats, 2 DVD players, 1 37 weeks pregnant driver, and eachother to keep our spirits up if things got bad and we headed out!

AJ was pretty emotinal when it came time to say good-bye to Aaron, as was I, but once we were out on the road with the DVD's going it was all good. Until Mad dog lost his lunch that is! He seemed to be fine before and after, he certainly seemed less concerned about the whole situations than him Mom anyways. GOOD WORK LYNZ! oh the things Mom's have to do!

On we went and it was pretty smooth after that. The big boys watched movies and shared treats in the back while Miles Zoned out in the front. He sat like this for about and hour with our moving, just watching Bolt out of the corner of his eye. SO CUTE!
We stopped for the night in Sandpoint, we didn't want to push our luck with the kids and we didn't want to show up to surprise our Moms in the middle of the night. We got some microwave Mac'n'cheese from Wal-mart for the kids, I know it sounds sick but they loved it and we feed them all for like $2.00 woo hoo! lol. By 8:15 we were all in bed and to our great surprise everyone went right to sleep and stayed that way until about 6:30AM!!!! It was a mirical! Of course it was not the best sleep for the Mom's with squirmy kids, and the fe little wake up cries and peed brakes but it was better than we could have imagined. We deffinatly counted that night as a blessing, so smooth!

After breakfast we were back on the road it was still another 5 and a half ours to home and the kids were ready to get there. After crossing the into Canada at this HILARIOUS border crossing......I guess they are redoing the real one so right now you just pull up to this little outhouse and talk to the lady. Lynds and I were cracking up about it! Also this is not the best picture to show it but, did you know that they actually clear the boarder to you can see it all the way across the country? See where there are no trees??? that is no mans land between Canada and the USA, cool eh?Anyways the last hour was BRUTAL! Miles was so done I think he cried all the way from Fort Mac to Lethbridge but he was really sick and did so good the rest of the way I couldn't blame him. Everyone was done and I think Lynz and I would have been in tears but since we had eachother we turned on the camera and sang Zombies by the Cranberries and just smiled throught it all, HA HA HA. so great to have eachother thanks Lynz!

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