Fathers Day

Fathers Day is all about showing our number one Dad just how much we love him, and this year was no exception. We started off the day with a nice long sleep in for Dad followed by a delicious family breakfast. The Boys insisted that Aaron open his gifts right away and then proceeded to wrestle him for the rest of the morning. After church we spent the day playing out back, BBQ, playing at the park, and showing Dad just how much we loved having him as our Dad.

Although Aaron is ridiculously busy with school and clinic he is constantly doing all he can to get home and spend time with me and the boys. He loves being here for dinner and giving the boys their baths. They on the other hand love WRESTLE time the best followed by story time and our favorite...FAMILY SNUGGLE! Even when Aaron can't be here at night they always sing I'm so glad when Dad comes home nice and loud because they think he can hear it from over at the school and they want him to know they are thinking of him, pretty darn cute!

When Aaron does have a day off he love to spend it at the driving range with AJ, the pool with the family, the park with the boys, or just out in the back teaching the boys how to play sports or exploring for bugs. His life is our boys and he is never happier than when he is all wrapped up in their little world. I can't wait for our next little baby to get here, I just love seeing Aaron with our babies, he is such a big softy!

I know it's not husband's day but I think it all kind of goes hand in hand and I want to take a minutes to thank Aaron for being not only an amazing Dad but the perfect husband, for me! I must admit I can be a handful and adding in all the pregnancy hormones doesn't really help but Aaron take it all in stride. He is caring, patient, understanding, and always willing to do what it takes to make me happy. You are a huge blessing in my life and I love you more thank I can say, happy fathers Day!

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