BAH HA HA!!!!!!!

This morning we woke up to the most beautiful sight, SNOW!!!!! Grant it we only got a little but but I guess here in Portland this is considered a lot because after 20 minutes of church the bishop got up to announce that church was canceled. HA HA HA, I couldn't belive it check out the pictures and see what ya think.


Anonymous said...

Just saw your "snow storm". We went to Calgary last night to the church nativity,40cm of snow and
-42C with wind chill but the show went on. Same conditions today and church was full. Canadians rock!!!

The Evansons' said...

Church was cancelled in Taber too!! Although we might have just maybe had a teeny tiny bit more snow then that...like I opened my door and there was a 3 foot drift blocking me in. So not much more then what you have there!! HAHAHA

Lorraine said...

We were kind of hoping that school might be cancelled this morning since it was -30 with a wind chill of -42, but NO. I guess whatever bus could get started went on its way to pick up little frozen Canadian children. The kids had an inside recess because of the cold. But one brave little grade 3 boy said, "Mrs. Poytress, can you come out and supervise me because I want to play in the snow." Of course I had to say no - but Canadian KIDS rock too!