Ginger Bread Houses!

This mornig was the official Ginger Bread House making morning. There were 5 moms and 8 kids and one BIG MESS, but isn't that what it's all about!? First we got all the yummy goodies out and made the iceing, Megan just couldn't wait to get started!

I knew that AJ wouldn't really get the consept but I just couldn't make him understand that these cookies were not for eating. Everytime I would get a wall in place e would try to take it and eat it. Now I know hoe Aaron felt when the Lethbridge wind knocked a whole day worth of walls over. (I guess it's not EXACTLY the same!) We were a little short on grame crackers but that didn't stop Adler, he was to hungry to leave them alone. (Him and all the other kids!)
Here's the wagners house in progress, we had a few scares with the walls holding up but Nicole wasn't letting all their hard work go to waste.
Alright some of my pictures didn't work so youwon't see any of Alysha but here is the only picture that worked with little Breanna in it. She is the cute little blonde in front with her back to the camera. Sorry Alysha!
AJ was being a great help but then I had to get down to the real work so he went off to do.... well you'll see!
while I was distracted AJ was doing all he could to get every M&M on the table in his mouth.
And this is what happens, you get a hystarical child laughing for absoulutly no reason until he had tears running down his face.

Megan was so proud of all her hard work!


Nicole Wagner said...

You beat me to the post! lol
thanks for hosting!! you're a great host...I hate hosting big events....it was fun! next year we'll do our plan be and make them the night before...we can drink hot chocolate and eat all the candy we want without fear of our kids getting too high on sugar:)

Nicole Wagner said...
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The Evansons' said...

That looks like so much fun, Will has been begging me to make a gingerbread house forever!! I'm totally doing it now, you inspire me to do brave things, like make messes with my kids...

Sabby said...

I love that picture of AJ his laugh is totally contagious!

Lorraine said...

Lacey, I love that you do so many fun things with AJ. You are such a fun mom! Looks like everyone involved had a blast!