American Thanksgiving

This past weekend was American Thanksgiving, which means Aaron was had 4 and a half days off school!!!! It was so great to spend time together as a family, I think Aaron was a little sad to go back to school this morning. The First order of business was making the Thanksgiving pies. Since Aaron didn't get any of his Mom's home made apple pie yet he insisted that I make some for him, which would be no problem if I had one of those wizzy pampered chef apple peeler/corer/cutters. Unfortunately I do not have one and doing it all by hand is much more time consuming! While made the crusts Aaron worked on the Apples and pretty soon we had all four pies ready for the oven.

On Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving with a few of our American Friends that couldn't make it home for the long weekend. It was Us, J. Mangums, K. Mangums, The Fullmers, and Jen. Since we wouldn't be eating till noon we went to the church to work up a thanksgiving size appetite. After many years of denial I have finally accepted that fact that I am simply not athletic, but as the soccer was just for fun, even I got out to play. I had a great time and realized just how out of shape I am! Here's a few pictures of AJ and Jake trying their hands at ping pong.(all we had was this little basket ball!)
Here's Kevin showing of his sweet rope jumping skills Check out this catch ladies and gentlemen, they don't have a football team in Fort Mac. but if they did, can any one say "Star Quarterback!?!"
By the time we got home to pick up our contribution to dinner AJ was exhausted! There was no way he was gonna make it to the Fullmers awake let alone through dinner. We put him down for his nap and Nicole came to sit with him while we went for dinner. It was a little weird not having him there but we were able to relax, visit, and enjoy our thanksgiving dinner which was a bit of a treat. I was sad to see the afternoon come to a close as I new there was a disastrous kitchen and about a hundred dishes waiting for me back home but when we got there we found none. Even though Nicole was dead tired from Erika's night of waking up a few times she decided to stay up and gave my kitchen a complete over haul! It was so great, and I was so grateful, there is no better gift she ever could have given me. Thanks Nicole! It was a little sad that AJ missed all the fun, so we let him have his share of the Jello when he got up from his nap. Sorry did I say Jello? I meant the whip Cream on top of the Jello! lol, he is so funny, and he will only eat whip cream off his fingers if you try to give him a little bit of your spoon he refuses. So all in all it was a fantastic thanksgiving down here is Oregon and we are looking forward to our new tradition of two thanksgiving celebrations each year!


Kels said...

he looks like he's had a little too much cream in that last pic! ha. i can't believe you cut up that many apples... just doing one apple pie kills me from all that peeling/slicing. good job.

lynz said...

love that little whipped cream finger man, and it looks like you guys had a good time down there :) can't wait to join ya next year!

Lorraine said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving! Great job on the pies. Hey, I did it that way for many years before I discovered an apple peeler/corer/slicer. Isn't technology grand?