Our Special Treat

It's funny to think that 30 years ago Al and Lorraine were exactly where we are now. Well not quite, they had not one but TWO kids already and they were living in a scary little apartment in down town Toronto. In fact when Al helped us with our big move, he walked into the apartment and just shook his head, "You aren't struggling nearly enough!" lol. We are really blessed to have this awesome apartment but aside from our living accommodations we are feeling just as they did 30 years ago, like poor, POOR students!

Al told us about a Swiss chalet that was just across the parking lot from their apartments. They didn't have much money but every now and then they would run across the parking lot for a "special treat." I think he said they had some kind of cheap lunch deal and that while they were out east that was what they considered to be their big splurge for the month.

I can officially say the we have found our "Swiss chalet" so to speak. Since moving to Portland we have discovered Winco. It's a great store where you can get all your groceries and other items for low prices. Not only that but the have the most fabulous pizza. Every now and then Aaron and I splurge for the 15'' pizza. Since it's and extra $1.00 if you have them cok it and put it in a box we opt. to cook it at home. It cost 10.00 and can usually serve as dinner and lunch the next day which (or sometimes breakfast if it's up to Poy!) which is a pretty good deal. Anyways these pizzas are to die for and we each grab a $0.43 pop to wash it down. So there you have it, our special treat!

Here is poy being a hand model, he didn't know that I zoomed out to get his whole body in! Isn't he hilarious!?!
Here is AJ celebrating the fact that we finally got Apple Juice again. We only get two free cans a month and with my two boys that dosen't last long! (I know it's not a great picture but I get introuble if my posts don't include at least one picture of AJ.)


Sabby said...

Ahhh good old Winco, got to love it!

lynz said...

yummmm - i can't wait to have some of that pizza myself!

lorraine said...

Ah, I remember back in the day. We had a lot of fun on not much money. You will look back with fondness on your "pizza parties."