Tub Time.

It is no secret that AJ loves his time in the tub. Every night he runs t the bathroom and tries to undress himself as soon as we mention the bath. It has been a while since I took any cute pictures of him playing in the bath and so last night I snapped a few shots to share!
This is AJ blowing bubbles and usually drinking the water as well.

We now have to close the curtain during his splash portion of tub time. He has proven that he can completely soak the entire bathroom in a matter of seconds.Finally this is "Polar Bear AJ" he makes this face when we as him what the bears at the zoo say.


lynz said...

love the pics and love that kid! you can sure tell that you have a nice camera, and i can't wait to be #49 just down the street :) thanks so much for helping us chickee!!!!

Lorraine said...

Talk about personality - AJ is great! Love the polar bear face - I can't wait to see him at Christmas. (oh yeah, we'll be glad to see you and Aaron as well)