Family Date Night

On Friday Aaron was done school early, I thought that he would be hard at the books all night but instead he suggested a family date night. We really love getting out together and so when AJ got up from his nap we headed out for our little adventure.

Aaron did a little research and found this great little park that was built completely by volunteers called the imagination station. A few of our friends have been there before and said that their kids just loved it and AJ was no exception. As soon as we got there AJ went running to the park, since the park is not really built for parents it was hard to keep up with him! (especially in my big bulky coat!) It was a little chilly so we only stayed for about 45 minutes but we had a blast, there was no wind, no rain, and no clouds in t he sky. Mount Hood looked beautiful, most days it's pretty hard to see but today it was crystal clear.

After the imagination station we wandered through the trout dale outlet mall. It is out doors but we stopped at quite a few stores and were able to keep the chill of. AJ LOVES riding in his stroller and had a great time just relaxing as Aaron and I window shopped. It's probably good he was the only one with a bank card, his self control is much better than my own, he he! Anyways it was nice to be out of the house especially in such good weather. I am adjusting to the rain but have yet to get proper rain gear which makes being outside a little tough. We tried to go straight home but the "Red Robins" pull was just to great and we ended up eating dinner out. For the very first time we had to order AJ dinner, which was so fun! Their kids menu was made up of pictures so AJ was able to choose (macaroni and cheese!) He was great and we all enjoyed getting pampered and eating out. Of course we are now officially broke, in fact with out our WIC we wouldn't even have milk! (Nice priorities, he he.) All I can say is it's a good thing out train tickets home are already bought and paid for!


Steele Tolman said...

Glad you guys had a nice time out as a family. I am sure that when school is over you will get your very own bank card to use at your discretion.......well maybe anyway :).

Julie said...

What's family date night without steak fries at Red Robin...seriously! Besides, isn't that why we have wic? To splurge once in a while?!? (p.s. love your blog!!)