Bill's and Junk Mail

I know this sound a little silly but I LOVE to get the mail, ever since me and Poy got married I go out each day to collect the mail. Most of it is Bill's, Flyer's, Junk mail, and Credit card pitches but every now and then you get something fun. Aaron hardly ever checks it because he knows that it's my thing and I love to do it. After I started my Maternity leave I would get so impatient I would often end up checking the mail once or twice before it even got there, I know it's weird but I love it. One of the Pro's for Portland over Toronto was that I could check the mail 6 days a week instead of just five! lol. Any way's this post is a big shout out to Jay and Steph Anderson, last Friday I finally received my first fun mail. I was so excited, when I started taking pictures Aaron just shook his head at me. Anyways I love it and am looking forward to getting all your Christmas cards over the next 6 weeks, he he!


MotherBeck said...

That is so funny. I love getting the mail too. What stinks about ours is that our mail man doesn't come until like 6:00!! Sometimes it is pure agony!

Nicole Wagner said...

So FUNNY! I too have a secret confession and LOVE to get the mail. Mostly b/c I keep getting checks from my brides next year but I love to get letters and fun magazines too. I've been so happy since we got a new mailman and he comes before noon! woohoo