Deck the Hall!

I am a true lover of Christmas. It is my favorite time of year and here a just a few of the many reasons:
1. It is the season of giving. Most people are more generous this time of year and tent to be more charitable which is such a beautiful thing.

2. The Decorations. The world seems to get a little prettier this time of year with all the beautiful light, fluffy snow (or soggy rain), and the decorations in our homes and local stores.

3. The food. This is a no brainier, Christmas and baking go hand-in-hand, which for me is a big plus. I love being in the kitchen baking away and Christmas gives me the perfect excuse.

4. Family. I have always lived close to home and getting to spend time with my family was a weekly occurrence, however our time together at Christmas was always a little more special. I think it will be even better this year. what's that saying, "absence makes the heart grow fonder"

There are many more but I only have so much time to dedicate to this post so I will cut it there. Since I love this time of year so much I am always itching to get the season into full swing, which means decorating the house. This year Aaron was able to hold me of until today, November 15th, which I think is perfect!After a morning of study time for Aaron, cookie making for us, and a nice afternoon nap we were ready to get started. Last year we waited for AJ's bed time before we did the decorating but we decided that he was old enough to help out.

I was loving every minute of AJ's first tree decorating, it was a very special time as a family and I will never forget his little face when we opened the box of tree ornaments. It was a lot of work, but work that I love and we finally finished up and it is now time to enjoy! Hope you're getting ready for the holidays as well, Ti's the season!
P.S.Stop judging me, you don't have to look cute to decorate for christmas!!!


Kels said...

i love that your tree is up!!! ah. stupid thanksgiving is getting in the way of my christmas-fest. oh well, it will soon be over. so you guys are taking the train home for christmas? when? for how long? that is exciting. and i'm going to be in lethbridge for like two weeks. i know it's hard to see everyone when you get home (i never do!), but let me know if we can squeeze in some time together!!!

Sabby said...

I love the decorations! I might just have to get mine out, you have started a trend.

Lorraine said...

love the tree - makes me want to get a tree too. We usually get a real tree and I haven't found any for sale yet. I think we will wait until the beginning of Dec.
The cookies look delicious!
(Amber says hi)