So this year for Halloween AJ was suppose to be a cute little cow but somewhere between Lethbridge and Portland the cow costume went missing. I looked and looked to no avail and finally accepted the fact that it was lost on the morning of October 31st. This means that after two second hand stores, two Targets, and one K-mart I was left to buy the one and only costume left in a size close to his, a train conductor. It was a 3T and he wears 12-18 months so I hurried home to shrink it up, this however was a waste of time! Once I got AJ up from his nap he refused the outfit, he actually rolled around on the floor pulling at it and crying, "off" repeatedly. So here we are at the school Halloween party with our make-shift conductor. He was still a little grumpy when Aaron tried taking him in the Astro jump, can you tell which one likes it and which one doesn't!?!? Next we found the treats table and everything seemed to brighten up. AJ finally realized why everyone loves Halloween and joined in the fun. The party was great, they had candy stations, pumpkin carving, temporary tattoo's, make your own candy apple, and lots of appetizers. Of course there was endless candy and one of Aaron's teachers even dressed up as the Pillsbury dough boy, it was hilarious!

Here's AJ with his first "Big Hunk" (Unless grandpa Peterson has something he wants to tell me!?) and he loved it! The candy down here isn't as good as back home but that won't stop me from eating it!!! he he.
After going home for a quick bit to eat we got AJ into this Elephant costume and he had no complaints, I guess he wanted something with a little more pink!? Anyways he looked really cute. Here AJ and Megan right before we set out Trick-or-treating. Megan is AJ's new BFF, he love going over to her house to play or having here over here. I swear he could follow here around ALL DAY! We went trick-or-treating with the Wagner's and two other families form the ward. It was a hoot, that's right I said it a Hoot!! The kids had a great time and actually stay out for over and hour. AJ insisted on walking up to the door with the other kids and even started saying Trick-or treat.
Here's something nice that we found in one of the driveways. The Kids were totally freaked out by it and wanted to call the ambulance. It was a little to realistic for them!Leave it to AJ to find the only cat around for miles! He loves kitties and birds, not even candy can distract him when there is a cat around. This cat was in some major need of TLC, it was a little mangy and very thin! AJ loved him anyways and it all added to his Halloween experience.
This is one of my all time favorite pictures. I have had a lot of people comment on how AJ look and walks just like Aaron. I know that may sound a little strange but it is totally true and this is the perfect picture to show just how similar they are. Perfect form and synchronization!
As the night wore on Dad became AJ's personal assistant and was given the duty of carrying him from house to house.

Here is the one and only picture we got with his hat on. I don't look great but whatever, he's super cute!
And the best part of all..... the haul!


Nicole Wagner said...

OH my gosh! I love this post and all the pictures!! first of all, you look HOT.....great photos of you!
second, I'm surprised AJ loves megan so much b/c she's so bossy! well, she's a bossy girl filled with love. She has a huge heart...little kids seem to love her!
third..the picture of AJ and Aaron walking...I was laughing SO hard!! they TOTALLY DO walk the same! Inever noticed it til you pointed it out and that picture shows it perfectly!!
anyway, glad we could go together! wish I hadn't had to leave early to put E to bed...oh well, there's always next year:):)
love ya!

Nicole Wagner said...

P.S...Great, I notice you have to APPROVE the comments now..I learned my lesson OKAY!!!??


Anonymous said...

Heya guys, looks like a great halloween. Finally got the puter up and running again.......cya on skype

Lorraine said...

Hey Lacey, love the Halloween pictures - looks like you had a great time. Aaron and AJ really do walk the same!