Grossed out.

AJ hates being dirty, in fact he will walk all the way back across the park, away from his favorite toys, just so that I can wipe the sand off his hand if he somehow gets dirty. It is pretty funny since most kids love to make a mess. Due to this particular little quirk we weren't sure how well AJ would do with pumpkin carving. Although we didn't make it out to the Roloff farm this year we did manage to find ourselfs a pumpkin, Pierre. I know we are a little late on the pumpkin carving but we still wanted to do it and so last night we finally took the plunge and cut into Pierre. Just as hypothesized AJ was NOT into the whole pumpkin scene, we tried to make him touch it but he freaked out entirely. Make sure you pay special attention to AJ facial expressions in these pictures.

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lynz said...

love pierre, and i had an inkling that aj wouldn't love the guts of the pumpkin so much! cute facial expressions though :)