What's going on.

Well I mentioned that things weren't going great with my Grandma last week and things simply haven't gotten any better. Here is the situation last Tuesday morning she had a small stroke. They also found a slight hemorrhage in her brain and so they called in two specialists. The doctors said that the bleeding has been there since her big surgery last spring and that it wasn't causing any problems. With in just a few hours she had her speech and most movement back. The doctors weren't really sure what happened so they kept her over night for observation. By Wednesday at noon Grandma told the Doctor, "my grandson's are getting married, the first wedding is in just two days and I have to be there!" To prove that she was ready to go she got up and walked around the room while chattering away. The specialists both agreed to let her go if she was still feeling good after a few tests and the removal of he IV. So they did the tests and everything looked great and then they removed the IV. Because of her condition when she got to the hospital, her IV was in her neck, and shortly after removing it she lost her speech and slipped into a coma. After a MRI, they found that she had an air bubble in her brain. This is something neither of the specialists have seen in over 30 years of practice. They said that unless you get shot in the head you just can't get air in there. The only other way would be through the IV but the Doctors won't say that's what happened for sure.

Anyways she has been in a coma like state since Wednesday September 24th at 3:00pm. She is completely unresponsive and on level one care which means they are just keeping her comfortable. Over the last 10 days she has been having seizures, which they are giving her medication to help, along with some pain medication. The air pocket in her brain has been blocking the blood flow and stopping any oxygen from getting to her brain. The doctors said that the air will eventually despite into her blood stream but the brain damage she has suffered is extensive. They don't believe she will ever be conscious again, and the Doctors where surprised to see that see made it through the weekend. I am having a very hard time being here when I feel like I really need to be there, but I know that the Lord is with her and my family. I am not praying for a miracle I just want her to know that we love her and I want to know that she is not in any pain. My Grandpa is having a really hard time and I wish I could be there to give him the Love and support he needs but the rest of my family can do that. I have always been so close to home that getting to the hospital was easy, I guess that's why this feels so hard! She is now being moved to palliative care, and I guess we are left to play the waiting game. It has been a roller coaster of emotions for all of us and I am having a bit of a hard time with it. Another family member got some bad medical news and we are all waiting to hear what the next step is. As I work on my talk for her funeral, I have gathered memories from my cousins & siblings, and I am reminded again of the amazing woman she is. I have been brought to tears by their words, she had such an impact on us all! We are loving it here in Portland but are thoughts and prays are with everyone back home.
This is one of my all time favorite pictures (sorry about the quality!) of my Grandma and her four beautiful daughters. I asked my Grandma if she ever wished she had a son and her reply was, "Nothing could ever bring me more joy than my GirlsPhotobucketAs far as my Grandpa and Grandma go, I think they ad it pretty much figured out. They had their ups and downs, I'm sure we've all hear grandma scolding "oh Dick! you cut that out!" but they had such a special love for one another, a love that shines as an example to us all!PhotobucketPhotobucket
So here we are, Not any of the great grandchildren, but here is a large part of her posterity. Because of her we are all here. Because of her example we all know where we are going and most of us are working towards that goal. I can not say it enough, she's a very special and amazing daughter of God.PhotobucketP.S. I just noticed for the first time in my life that I am not in this picture!!!! Where the heck am I?


Caylee Secretan said...

So sorry to hear that Lacey, tell your mommy I'm thinkin about her. Those pictures are how I remember your grandparents because I haven't seen them for years.
Love Ya,

The Evansons' said...

Oh Lacey....Stop doing posts like these, I am losing all of the tears in my head. The pictures you posted are so wonderful. I can't believe how chubby Ger-bear used to be!! Good Memories...

lynz said...

haha - you better get down to the reason that you are not in that picture, and hilarious that you haven't noticed it til now!
not so funny about the post, but good job for blogging about it. you are awesome, and we are doing everything we can here to make up for the lacey visits and words of wisdom :) you'll be here soon, and i can't wait, and you better call me next time those tears start to come! love ya!

Kels said...

aw lace, i'm so sorry. i know that sounds repetitive, but what else is there to say? it's sad to hear you talking about her funeral like that... ugh. and sorry that you are far away! i know how that is.

keep us posted.

p.s. i was wondering the exact same thing... "wait, where is lacey? she's not even in there!" ha. nice.

lorraine said...

Please know you are in our hearts and prayers at this difficult time - as well as your whole family. We know that there are angels watching over your grandma. Please take care and know that we love you.

Nicole Wagner said...

again, big hugs. i'm so sorry you're going through this. your faith is so strong....
love you