Grandmas Funeral

So I am not really sure if you should post pictures from a funeral but I wanted to post about it so I'll just put up a few. My grandma passed away October 11th 2008, one month after her 68th birthday. She is a hero to me in so many ways and I will never forget her. Although it is hard to think that she won't be calling any more to check in or sending me cards and letters in the mail, I find great peace knowing that I will see her again one day. The day of her funeral was perfect, the winds were calm, and the weather was peaceful. We gathered together for a meet-the-family and after a beautiful family prayer we proceeded to the funeral. All the flowers were beautiful shades of purple and pink, it was no secret that grandma LOVED purple and she would have loved the all the flowers on this day!

Dustin did an amazing job on the Eulogy. The sisters helped prepare it and it really painted a perfect picture of the woman my grandmother was. After a musical number by Adam (cousin-in-law) It was my job to give a tribute to our grandma. I worked really hard on that talk and felt very satisfied with how it turned out, I considered posting a copy but most people interested in hearing it were at the funeral. Anyways, Josh gave the church talk and Jay dedicated the grave, it was beautiful and helped me find the closure I was looking for. We enjoyed sharing memories and visiting with family at the luncheon afterwards, but all good things must come to an end. It was a day my grandma would have loved and I am sure she enjoyed it from her heavenly view. It was emotionally draining and I was glad to curl up on my bed that night!
This is the first family picture since Grandma passed away. It feels sad to not have her in the picture but it truly is a blessing for the girls to still have their dad. I have seen these girls pull together to get through this tough time and take care of their dad. I feel blessed to have close siblings that will be there to weather tough situations in the future.

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