Together Again

Once we got back to Edmonton our first order of business was to get together with Lauren and Deanna. We have really missed them over the past few months, so we called 'em up and they invited us right over. We enjoyed the pancake breakfast Deanna had all ready for us and then let the kids play while we caught up. It's funny how easy it is to slip back into your old routines, we spent the next 3 days together and it was a blast, I almost forgot how much fun it was to have the Gundersons over. The kids were playing with this pumpkin bucket all morning, I think they just liked having their pictures taken.

Most of you know about my major fear of the dark and all things creepy. It is virtually impossible fr me to sleep until Aaron is home unless I am heavily drugged and even when he is home I get scared from time to time. I am sure you can all imagine how hard it must have been for me to spend two nights alone up in Edmonton with just the kids. It helped that they had an alarm system but I still only got like 3 hours sleep one night. After hearing my sob story Deanna insisted on staying over and I have never been more grateful to anyone. I was finally able to get some sleep and of course it was a ball!!!

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The Ronald Family said...

They are so cute! Abi loves buckets too! Just thought you should know that Abigail asks where AJ is sometimes! its so funny she looks so serious! Hope all is well we miss you guys!