This one's for you Poy

Grandma Tolman got AJ these new PJ's and I just thought they were so cute! They have little hockey players and pucks all over them, which we love in our family. (I guess!?!) Anyways here's Age practicing his goalie moves and being a model for the camera.
And here is what your pictures of AJ will look like if you don't start clicking before he notices you have the Photobucketcamera. He just comes running up to it and smiling like this.... Maybe he'll grow out of this face?


Nicole Wagner said...

LmAO!! I lOVE the last pic of Age...that was totally Megan at this age too! he'll grow out of it I promise !hahahah

lynz said...

i love those pics soooo much! he is so freakin cute, and i can't wait to play with him again :) good pj's grandma tolman! oh and i guess it will be fun to see his cute mom again too! haha

lorraine said...

AJ looks so grown-up in his new pj's. I can't believe how fast he is growing - I'm so glad for all the pictures you post. It keeps us in the loop.

Steele said...

Hey this is neat, I keep reading these things and didn't know I could make comments. It is great to be able to see these pictures and get updates all the time. I am sure happy to have you guys in my life and feel very blessed for my family. I am grateful to have you and A.J. up to stay with Alaina while we are away, it is soo much better for her to have you and A.J. to hang out with. I love you and hope that your weekend goes well with Josh's wedding. Our prayers are with you and your mom's family as you deal with this difficult situation. Can't wait to be able to skype with you guys in the next couple of days!!