The Portland Zoo

Last Saturday was Erika's first birthday.(Steve and Nicole's little girl.) We got up early and went to the Portland Zoo. It was so weird to go to another Zoo but it was a lot of fun. The morning started off a little chilly but the sun was out urning the morning into a beautiful fall day. The Portland Zoo is HUGE, they have so many animals including Polar Bears, Pingins, and sun bears which the Calgary Zoo doesn't have. We bought a year pass which I intend to put to good use. Usually we get to the Zoo once a year, wake up early and spend the whole day rushing around trying to see everything. Now that we have the one year past we can just go wander around for a morning or head over to see our favorite animals being feed. AJ loved being at the Zoo, he is learning all the different animal names and sounds, you should hear him try to say Zebra!!! With Aaron's busy school schedule we don't get to spend much "quality" time together, being at the Zoo was a nice treat for our family and a great chance to enjoy each others company again.

It's been quite a while since I've seen Polar Bears and I was really looking forward to it. Nicole said that their bears are really playful and active....... This is all we got out of 'em.

So here we are at the Sea Lion exhibit. I had no idea these animals where so ginormous!!! I guess I was thinking of seals but these are nothing like seals. There where two Lions the exhibit, the were super playful and loved to swim right up to the glass where the kids were. AJ kept giving them five as the swam by.

I am not sure how many of you are familiar with the naked mole rat but I saw them on planet earth (which I love!) and was so exited when I saw that the Portland Zoo had an exhibit just for them. They live underground and hardly ever open their eyes, as you can see they have no hair and since they spend all their time chewing away the dirt, their teeth sit in front of their lips. Isn't that crazy and disturbing!?!

The Zoo, like all of Portland, was full of trees and beautiful walk ways. As we walked from each exhibit to the next AJ pointed out all the leafs on the ground. AJ love the Giraffe, we couldn't get him to stop staring at them!!! Maybe he should have been a Giraffe for Halloween.

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Here we are at the tiger exhibit. The tiger was all over the place! It was so fun to see him up and moving. Usually the big cats just lay there. Here is Age doing his best Tiger face, hope it doesn't scare you to bad!

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lynz said...

love all the pics and can't wait to go with you! love the one of aje up close especially :)