UP's and Downs

Today was one of the weirdest days of my life. This morning at 1:00 my Grandma finally past away, she held on for so long that we were all ready for her to pass away and be at peace, after that call it seemed that we weren't quite as ready as we thought. There always seems to be something so final and permanent about death, like you are saying your final good-byes, we however have been blessed with the knowledge of the plan of salvation, It is this knowledge that has kept me strong over the last few weeks. I love my grandma and miss her so much already! Tonight I took Grandpa home and it was just the two of us. I wasn't sure how going back to their home would be for me but as soon as I walked in, I lost it! For the first time I really sat down and let the tears pour out for my Grandma. Grandpa had been being so strong all day at the wedding and he too was ready for a good cry. He took me by the hand and together we sat on the couch and wept. After a while we started talking and reminiscing about all the things we loved about Grandma and the miracle of Eternal families. There are no words to describe the feelings I experienced as I hugged my Grandpa good-bye and left him alone in the room he has shared with his wife of 51 years. She loved to make everything around her beautiful, that room had "Gerry" written all over it. My heart broke for him as he stood alone in the door way, with tears streaming down his face, knowing tonight he will really sleep alone.
It was one of the saddest moments in my life thus far, but the time we spent together before the good-byes are mine to Cherise forever, and that makes the tuff stuff worth it!

Okay now that I am back in control of myself I can tell you about the other major up today. This morning Josh and Shayla were married for time and all eternity in the Cardston Temple. Since I forgot my temple recommend in Portland I was not able to go in the temple but I was there waiting when they came out. It was so fun to take pictures and pretend I was a photographer, snapping shots to add at the end of their slide show. The whole day went so smooth, although it was cold after last nights snowfall, the clouds made for some beautiful pictures. Here are a few of them (unedited but still cute!)


Nicole Wagner said...

all I can say is HUGE HUGS and i'm so glad you could have some alone time with your grandpa. you will have that forever too.
I love you
hang in there.
see you soon.

Kels said...

ugh. i'm bawling over here! oh great. so sorry lace, but that seriously is an amazing experience you got to share with your grandpa. like you said, you'll cherish that forever.
the wedding pics are really cute! i actually love the dark sky, it makes them look even better! ha.
have fun the rest of your trip. hope the funeral and everything goes well.

The Ronald Family said...

Hey Lacey, The plan of salvation is an amazing thing! I LOVE IT! I hope all goes well! your are always in our thoughts :)