Time in Lethbridge

After Alaina was done school on Friday we went down to Lethbridge for the wedding and the funeral. Since I had a lot on my plate Cindy's sister Wendy said that she would watch Alaina from Saturday evening until Tuesday evening. It was such a help to know that Alaina was somewhere she loved being and having a great time, just one less thing to think about for those few days. Thanks so much Wendy it really means the world to me!!!!!
Since Thanks-giving dinner was kind of non existent at Moms this year the Hill's invited us over for dinner. There were quite a few of us there and SO MUCH GOOD FOOD!!! We had a great time and as usual I ate way too much, Lynn's cooking was irresistible, and I packed away as much as my tummy would allow. Honestly it isn't thanksgiving if you don't have to at least undo the top button of your jeans!!! AJ loves Nash, I am sure it wasn't the best walk Nash ever had, but AJ could walk her around the house all day.

Monday we spent the day out in Fort Macleod. We have been missing our family so much we needed to get out there to see the Poytress crew. Lorraine had prepared a full-on thanksgiving dinner even though there were just 5 of us and AJ. I know that its a lot of work getting all that food prepared but shes such a great mom she wouldn't let us miss thanksgiving dinner. We ate until we could hardly move and then crawled to the nearest bed or couch and everyone had a little snooze. Normally we would get up and go throw rocks in the river but the wind was blowing so hard that was not an option so what did we do.....Experiments. I don't know if you have ever seen some of the science experiments on Youtube but we have and we decided to try them. First up was glow in the dark mountain due. Since this was a big failure I will not explain it to you, just know that it is not real!!! Then we tried the Diet Coke Rocket. What you do is get a 2L Diet Coke and then drop a pack of mentos in it, screw the lid on as fast as you can, and when the presser is built up you throw the bottle on the ground and it explodes into the air like a rocket. It took us 4 tries but it worked, Happy Thanksgiving!

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