Back at Grandpas

AJ was so happy to be back at Grandma and Grandpa Petersons house. His little face lit right up when he saw Grandpa coming out to the car to get him. I'm not sure who missed who more. For any of you who don't know, AJ is all about his Grandpas. Sure he loves us all, but there is no where he would rather be than hangin' with Grandpa. He calls them Buck-a-ba and he just loves spending time with them. He is especially fond of Dad since we lived with them for 2 months and also because since AJ was born Dad had come over every other day to see him. They love going for drives, watching cars on Youtube, playing with the dogs, and AJ's all time favorite game: Sit in Grandpas arms and point in directions while he walks all over trying to figure out what I want. Here are a few pictures of them out with Zo one morning.

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lynz said...

awww - that probably made buck-a-ba miss him even more! they are so stinkin cute together :)