Love From Canada

Today we received our first (of hopefully MANY) care packages from home. I have never served a mission or live far from home for school or anything so getting packages in the mail is not a regular occurrence for me but I gotta tell ya, I love it!! After visiting teaching we stopped to get the mail and our package form my parents had arrived! AJ & I had the best time opening it up and seeing all the little treasures they packed into our parcel.
I cut it open and then gave it to Age to explore. He was so excited to see his Bear (Radar) which we forgot in Canada but their happy reunion was cut short when he notice what radar had been covering.....
New toy cars, form his new favorite movie "Cars" he was so cute he just keep saying "oh, oh, oh, CARS!!! MOM CARS!" followed but "open? open?"

He played with them for the next 45 minutes and then it was nap time. While we still lived in Lethbridge I got the best smarties cookie recipe from Dee and have been craving them ever since I got down here. Unfortunately for me they do not have the same smarties down here as we do there for, no smartie cookies. We'll Dad just couldn't let me go with out, hence the ginormous bag of bulk smarties he sent and now I have enough smarties to last for our whole Portland stay, lol. Anyways I am so exited for these cookies, it has been far to long so I am off to make them while AJ snoozes! Thanks for the care package, we really enjoyed it!


Nicole Wagner said...

Yeah...and you've HIDDEN them from you fellow Canadian friend. shame on you! I thought we were close;)
the cookies were yumm.
I totally forgot RAdar was gone...and now back ...no WONDER he didnt' want to share it with Erika...you should have reminded me and I would have made sure she stayed clear from sweet Radar..atleast for today;)

Kels said...

mmmmmmmm smarties. i'm coming over right now! (i wish!)
p.s. I love a.j.'s pose!!!

Anonymous said...

nice pics!!!
Good job on the anatomy test Aaron!