Milk & Cookies

Tonight after dinner Aaron had his traditional 5 cookies dunked in Milk, well AJ thought that was the greatest thing he had ever seen and soon they were sitting side by side dunking away. AJ wants to do EVERYTHING just like Aaron and that includes eating his cookies with milk. Earlier at dinner he even tried to drink his soup like Aaron dose, it was really cute. Here are a few pictures that I thought were so cute I had to post them!


Kels said...

mmmmmmm those cookies look delicious! what are you doing to me?!? ah. and love the huge piece of paper taped on the table for coloring!!!! you are so creative. p.s. i'm secretly compiling all of your ideas for future use!!

Nicole Wagner said...

Ummm those are really cute but why won't AJ smile at ME like that?
hmph. maybe he thinks I'm going away?? you might want to inform him I'm not and to get used to having me around...if he wants Megan and Erika, he's got to take me too:)

love ya both