Girls at the Zoo

We took the Kids to the Zoo on Thursday morning. Wednesday was the rainiest day here so far and I was a little nervous that it wasn't going to be nice enough to go but the weather did a 180 and it turned out perfect. We meet at the Zoo at 10:30 and wandered around for a few hours. It was Nicole and her 2 girls, Katie and her 3 girls, Nachelle and her little girl, and then me and Sabrina with our two little boys. We had a ball visiting and letting the kids play. The sea lions are by far AJ's favorite animal, I swear he could stand here all day watching them swim and giving them high fives as they swim by. When we got to the Elephants we got to see baby Samutra and he was so playful we couldn't get enough of him! I hurried to get a picture of him while he was out and playing and then heard a loud "MOM" behind me. I was so egar to snap the photo that I completely forgot to grab AJ so he could see too. Needless to say he was not impressed!
I know looking at animal pictures can be a little boring so I won't post a million but Hippos are my favorite so I have to put at least one up(Isn't he so Cute!!!). Last time I went all we saw were their butts! Thanks to the girls for coming out to the Zoo it was nice hang out and get some (kind of) fresh air! lol. Stinky Penguins!


Nicole Wagner said...

OH my gosh...I love the picture of the baby elephant...he is SO cute!!! and I love the pic of th girls running together!!
I will send to myself next time i'm over:):)

Sabby said...

It was a great outing, thanks for including us!