Captin Crunch

The other day Captain Crunch was on sale and since we never get sugar cereals anymore we thought why not treat ourselves. It was a small box and would only be enough for 2 or 3 mornings but it was fun. On Friday Aaron pored the first bowl and gave AJ a little bit, SOLD! AJ was an instant Captain Crunch fan. Over the weekend he had a small bowl and ate them for a snack once which made him one happy, hyper boy!

Well this morning AJ got up saying "Capin, Capin!" however the Captain was all gone. Here he is at 6:15AM throwing a major tantrum and refusing any other food.It is of course my fault for letting him have it in the first place but holy moly was he upset. After 10 minutes on the kitchen floor and another 5 in his crib for a time out he calmed down and had some yogurt. Just another fabulous Monday.


Nicole Wagner said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love it!! that is SOOOOOOOOO funny!!
well, funny for me...not so funny for you...especially at 6am...I would have thrown my kid back in bed and LEFT them there!!! haha
you're a good mom Lace, a good mom indeed:)

The Evansons' said...

Oh AJ!! Well at least he wasn't throwing a fit for ice cream for breakfast, like Will does every single morning. I love the crying picture, sweaty and red-faced, a REAL tantrum.

Lorraine said...

Hi AJ,

Hey, sweetie pie, it's okay - when you come to Grandma's she will get you Captain Crunch. Just remember - "what goes on at Grandma's stays at Grandma's."

(hey, Lacey, just kidding)

Lacey said...

lol, I will let him know that he can look forward to being sugared up at Gandmas in a few weeks!

Steele said...

Hey Lacey I love coming here and seeing those pictures of little AJ and you guys......we miss you very much! Can't wait till Christmas