Getting Creative

When moving to Portland we found ourselves a nice little 2 bedroom apartment, it's less than a 100-o square feet but it's really nice and we feel so blessed to be here. Living in such tight quarters means we need to get out almost everyday, hwever the weather is not always inviting, unless you LOVE the rain. (Which we are learning to do!) Anyways after runing to the store and reading a few book AJ was already bored and so.... I got creative.
What the Heck!?!? That's right this is our kitchen table.
Here is AJ discovering his brand new fort!
Taking a good look around......

Oh yeah! he loves it. AJ has been playing in here since I made it and he dosen't seem to be leaving anytime soon.
I wounder where we will eat dinner??


The Ronald Family said...

that is awesome!!

Nicole Wagner said...

I was actually VERY impressed at your creativity....I never thought to make my kitchen TABLE into a fort...sure would be smarter than rearranging my living room like I normally do !

Kels said...

i love forts! you are the best mom ever!!!

Lorraine said...

Love the fort - my kids loved to make forts too. Amber still talks about making a huge fort in the TV room. Love the pictures of AJ.