WSCC Christmas Gala

This post is loaded with pictures but none of them are of AJ sorry to all you grandparents out there!

Being our first year down here in Portland we weren't really sure what to expect when we decided to buy tickets to the annual WSCC Christmas Gala. We new 5 other couples that would be attending and thought what the heck, it could be our December date night! The ticket was $30.00 for the two of us and boy was it worth it! I forgot my camera and so I don't have any pictures of the food but it was AMAZING. They had a fantastic buffet with 3 salads, veggies, mash potato's, rice pilaf, fettuccine Alfredo, a Salmon dish and..... PRIME RIB. For those of you who are not aware I am a Prime Rib fanatic, I just can't seem to get enough of the stuff. They just kept binging out fresh cuts of juicy prime rib to the carving station and we were in heaven. The dessert table was just as extravagant but I can bake sweets, I used all my room for the main course!
Jordan & Tasha.
The Poy's
James & Kami
Amy & Jeff
Steve & Nicole
The invitation just said Christmas dress so we went formal, which is a good thing because everyone there was done to the 9's!
Ladies and Gentlemen
Can you tell that Nicole armed most of the girls in false lashes?
And here they are the only guys with modest dates in the whole place, he he he.
Nicole wanted a picture of me kissing Aaron on the chick since I do it all the time, but when I leaned in for the kiss he pulled back and was like, "what are you doing?!?" I just started laughing and this is the picture she ended up with.
We spent the evening visiting, meeting teachers and class mates and of course dancing. I know many of you may not peg Aaron for a dancer in facet I my self was a bit surprised when he asked me to dance, but the prof is in the pictures. I haven't danced in so long I felt a little embarrassed to be out the but Aaron was instant that we dance at least a few songs.
Kami and James showing off their sweet skills!
There really was no need to worry about what others thought of our dancing, most of them were to drunk to notice!

All in all it was a great night and we will defiantly be attending next year! Oh yeah I wanted to say a great big thanks to Nicole for bringing her camera, otherwise we'd have no photos!


Nicole Wagner said...

it was SO much fun and i'm so glad we could go together!!!!!!

Lorraine said...

Looks like you guys had a great time and you all look so nice. How fun to be able to go with a group of people you know and have such a great evening.