A Grandpa Chuck Specialty!

Usually we don't have cool whip around the house but I wasn't sure that I would have tip to whip the cream for my thanksgiving Jello so I bought some as a back-up. Turns out I did have time to whip the cream, leaving the cool whip to sit in the fridge waiting for someone to eat it up, and today was the big day.
While I was making the pancakes Aaron set the table and while getting out the butter he saw the cool whip! He was so excited to show us on of grandpa Chucks favorite treats that he had shared with his grand kids during sleepovers. First you take your whip cream and put a nice thick spread on top of the pancake, no actual pancake should show through. Then you give it a genrous sprinkling of Brown sugar from way up high, and there you have it!
So was it as good as Grandpa use to do it..... Looks like a yes to me!
And here is AJ. He no longer eats with us during meals, he is to busy making sure all his toys are well feed! It's usually about 2 minutes after every thing has been cleaned up and put away that e decides he's ready to eat.

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The Evansons' said...

That looks goooood, I want pancakes. That is too funny the AJ feed his toys, this morning I woke up to cupboard doors being open ad shut, I went to the kitchen and found Will getting out his bowls and spoon to feed his stuffed animals, which we put in Aubrey's high chair. Great minds think alike?