Flash back Friday

At this special time of year it is natural to think back on past Christmas memories and I have chosen one of my favorite memories for my first ever "flash back Friday.!"
A few years ago my parents decided to get a second dog, they really wanted a Yorkie but the waiting list was SO long. They put their names down and started the multi-month wait. Well I just happened to be the one home on the late November afternoon when the call finally came that a new litter had arrived and would be ready to go December 5th. I told them that we would come pic one in the following few days and called the siblings to see what they thought about getting Mom & Dad a new puppy as a surprise. The idea was widely accepted and they couldn't wait for our Christmas morning surprise. Aaron and I went down as soon as we could but all the females had be taken and there were just two Little boys to chose from, they were both so cute I didn't want to leave either behind, but the price tag per puppy wouldn't allow that!!! Anyways we finally picked one, got him a kennel, leash, and some food and took him back o poys house. Since me and Aaron were engaged and my leas was up I was living at home for a few months till the wedding, I figured they might notice the puppy if he stayed with me. Aaron loved having him at home but his roommates didn't and so the puppy spend the last week be for Christmas with Mandy. For anyone who knows my sister they also know that this brought her nothing but the greatest joy. She loved him so much and took such great care of him, I can't even remember how many of her sox's he shredded, but she didn't mind. It was a long night, that Christmas eve, trying to sneak the puppy in and then working hard to keep him from yelping and whimpering but we made it, and it was finally time to give him to Mom and Dad. We wrapped up a Mandarin orange box so the lid could open and close and then we brought it out to them. I am sure the were in shock that all us kids were so interested in THEIR gift that we had hardly glance under the tree at what Santa had left. So we placed the box in Moms lap and as she started to open it the little puppy licked her, which scared her and she threw the box to the ground. Out rolled Angus, the newest member of our little family and they were completely taken aback. It was a great surprise and they had no idea what we had done. I will never forget that morning trying to pick his name, introducing him to Randi, and watching him play in all the Christmas wrap. Love ya Gus!

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