First Snow of the season

Today the real snow finally made it to Portland. Megan just couldn't stay inside and before we new it all three kids were out on the deck enjoying the falling snow. I have never seen these kids so happy, they didn't even notice the cold.After they got over the fun of just stomping around in the snow Megan decided to teach AJ how to catch snow flakes on his tongue. At first he just stared at her but pretty soon they were both catching as many flaks on their tongue as possible!

Here is AJ telling me for the 4 hundredth time that it's snowingMegan like the taste of the snow flakes so much that she decided to just go ahead and eat the snow right of the railing.A True Canadian


Nicole Wagner said...

I love them!!! they are SO Cute!!! YOu better send me the ones of Erika too!!!
we always have fun with you! we'll miss you while you're gone. Give Canada a hug for us;)

Steele said...

Can't wait to see little A.J. in person again!!!.....well you guys too. See ya soon!!!

Kels said...

how did i miss this post? those pics are darling of aj catching the flakes on his tongue!