Carve those Pumpkins!

The boys are still a little young to actually carve the pumpkins this year so we decided to let them paint theirs instead. THEY LOVED IT!
AJ was VERY focused on his project, not even miles could distract him.
Miles was VERY focused on the treats, not even his pumpkin could distract him!

Later we had the Lujan's and Nana and Papa Spilker over for some yummy popcorn balls and the real pumpkin carving. It was Lukes first carving year, Nate napped right through it!

I love this picture! Seriously they are one in the same, adorable!
AJ's scary face!

Here we are with the pumpkins minus Nana, Lukey, and Dan. It was such a great night, good work team!
 This is just a picture from the day that I really love of Aaron, he's so handsome and such a great Husband! Love ya Poy!

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