Fort Macleod Triathlon

This weekend was the sixth annual Fort Macleod Chiropractic Triathlon. Every year Al works his butt of with the help of his committee to pull this thing together and make it a success, and this year was better than ever. There is much to get organized that I don't know how he ever got the first one started but when Al dose something he always gets it done right. Aaron and I have been volunteering for the past three years and it's always a blast, this year there where just over 300 participants, and it only seems to be getting bigger. Usually Aaron and I are at out on the road making sure the runners keep on track but since we had to get home to AJ around 2:00 we had to take up a new post on the swim lanes. It was kid of fun because the Triathlon starts with the swim so we didn't have to spend the first 45min.s waiting to see someone, plus a lot of the participants families come to watch at them in the pool which made it kind of fun. So here we are, counting lanes and baking in the 34 degree heat.
Aaron was getting so hot I thought I should try to help him cool of with a little water on the neck, after one threat of being thrown in the pool, he started to look a lot cooler to me.
We got a little board so will we counted the laps we also made a list of 30 different encouraging sayings that we could use to keep the swimmers motivated. It's was so funny but I don't think I will post it.
And here is our Jorpo, the one and only Poytress family participant in the Triathlon this year, maybe any year for that matter. I always say I am going to do it, but some how I worm my way out of it. Maybe next year! Anyways Jordan has really picked p on his Dad's love of triathlons, he had a great swim this year and even had enough energy to pose for a quick pic. (Sorry girls he's currently not available, we'll keep ya posted!)

He had a great bike ride and finished off the day with a nice toasty 5mile run in the sun, congratulations Jordan you were defiantly a great choice to represent the family!

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