The Sands of Time

I can't believe it is Thursday already, this week has melted away along with the rest of the summer. Time can be a funny thing, when you need an extra minute it's seems like you are already a minute to late and when all you want is tomorrow, today just never seems to end!
As far as time goes I am anxious for the future but resistant as always to let go of the present. I have been really busy lately since both my Jay and Josh are getting married I am working on their wedding slide shows and wedding albums. Although they are my cosines they have always seemed more like brothers to me. While my mom and Aunt Dixie we single moms they did everything together, ans so Jay and Josh are a part of most of my early childhood memories. They are great guys and I am so exited for both of them, unfortunately I will be in Portland when they get married but maybe I can find a way home. (lol, I haven't even moved yet and I'm trying to sneak home!) Any way's CONGRATULATIONS boys and Shayla and Steph make sure you look after these two! They are off on their "Bachelor Trip" in Africa, planned before they meet these lovely ladies and then it will of the plain and to the Temple! The time is going by so fast I haven't had a moment to post about their engagements, ans I know this is short but it's something. Wishing you guys all the best.
P.S. Shayla has a black eye from rugby so don't be judgers!

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