Happy Birthday Poy!!!

August 30th was my husbands 27th birthday and we have been SO busy I haven't had a chance to blog about it. I know that it is a few days late but we are still celabrating so HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON, I love you so much!

To start the day off right, I made pancakes, bacon, hashbrowns, and eggs (well dad made the egges since I am so revolted by them and suck at cooking them!) Breakfast was scrumtious and it was really nice to beable to share it with my parents. There wasn't much time for relaxing as Aby's baptizum was at 1:00 and we live 2 and a half hours away. By 9:30 we were on the road and AJ was off with Grandma and Grandpa Peterson for the day. He would have been very grumpy at the baptisum since it is right when he should be naping.

The baptisum was so beautiful! Aby couldn't stop smiling and it was such a wounderful gift to see her enter into the waters of baptizum of her own free will and choice. She is a beautiful daughter of God, all day she was aglow. I have never thought about the day AJ will be baptized befor but I am now looking forward to it with such anticipation. I can only imagine the joy you must feel as you watch your children progress along the path that will lead them home. Congratulations Aby and thank-you for letting us be a part of your special day!

The drive home seemed a little longer and everyone was getting sleepy from all the driving, by the time we hit Fort Macleod I wasn't sure Aaron was going to make it. Good thing Al stepped in to liven things up, him and Lorraine would be on their way to stirling for a big birthday BBQ shortly after us and so he thought we might like to drive the Vett there for him and then he could bring it home. We had a blast! Cruzing down the highway with the top off and Ledzepllin's Rock and Roll blaring, we could have driven all the way to Portland! There just dosen't seem to be a way around it, one day we are going to have to get our own Corrvett. We arrived in style to the BBQ and everyone was ready to party. We had smokies, burgures, hot dog's, ceasar salad, fruit salade, skore cake, chocholet cheescake, Greman cake, Eatmores, and everything else that it bad for it. It was awsome. We not only celebrated Aarons birthday but Dustin's as well since it it one the 3rd. The Hill's, Tolman's, Peterson's, Grandma Nelson, and the Poytress's were all together under one roof, talk about a party. I just feel bad for everyone that missed it, he he.

Sunday we relaxed and then had Toad and Chuck out for dinner(recreation of saterdays BBQ Feasta). We played games, watched planet earth, and gained another 10 pounds in chocolet dessrets. They are some of are closest friends and I already know how much we will miss them because they live in Vanccover for a year and it sucked (for us!)
Well monday came and we spent the day together just our little family of three, but it was clear thet we hadn't quite played the birthday card to it's fullest and so... Dinner on the town with the Derricotts and the Gundersons (T&C.) What can we say eating and enjoying our friends company is what we do best! We couldn't find a sitter for Age so he came with us and did pretty good. We went to Eastside Mario's for dinner and then back to Mike and Britt's to play Olympics on the Wii. It got pretty intence, here you can see Toad, Chuck, Mike, and Poy trying to beat the world recored for the 4 x 100 relay (which they did!) This will definatly be a night we look back on when we are living in Portland with no friends to play with! lol. Happy Birthday once again to my amasing husband who I love more than anything else!

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You didn't happen to go to Castro Middle School in San Jose, did you? I think I might have gone there with you!