Family Home Evening

Today we were off to an early start, there is so much stuff we still needed to get done that we had to leave early. We ran all over town getting papers signed, groceries, and all the other household iteams we needed. It was lots of work and AJ was really tired when we got home but it was worth it cuz' now we are almost all set up now.

The Goughs invited us to spend family home evening with them. After a long day we where more than happy to joing them. We went to Winco and got some toasted subs and then went to play at the park. We told the Wagners to meet us there but we didn't think they would show so at the last minute we switched parks. When I got home Nicole had writen me a message woundering where we had gone!!! Opps, talk about your first impressions, they may never hang out with us again, lol. Nicole said it was no big deal, so I think we will try to get together in the next day or two. Anyways here are some pictures from the park.

Alysha and Breanna trying out the slide, this little girl has no fear.

Ken and little Breanna


lorraine said...

Looks like you had a great evening with the Goughs. How nice to be going out with friends in your first week there. Where are they from?

Lacey said...

He is from Washington, a town called Lacey actually, it's two hours north of here. She has roots in Idaho but he Dad was a post master in the military so they moed all over the place. They are great!