Can't help myself!

So we moved here approximatly 3 days ago, we still have stuff in boxes, and our washer and dryer could be here anytime today but I just couldn't help myself, I had to have people over. Most of you know that I LOVE having get togethers at my house. Weather it's watching a show, hosting a party, or in this case making cookies. We wanted to get together and do something fun for the kids so we thought that we could decorate some sugar cookies. The Gough's and the Wagners came over around 10:30 this morning and boy did we have fun. The kids ate so much sugar, I am not sure any of them will ever sleep again!

This is Nicole, Megan, and AJ getting thing started by taste testing a few of the toppings. AJ just kept eating teh M&M's of his cookie and saying, "More!"

Here we have the Gough family. Ken has some real talent in the cookie decorating area, I think he was pracicing at home before he came over. Once we saw his first few cokies we all steped up our game, see if you can find Steve's Poccahantis.

Isn't she so cute? Breanna was liking all the iceing off he cookie but we got a shot while she was still clean!

And this is Erika, she is only 11 months old, a little young to help out, so she decide to lay under the Table in hopes of catchinga few snacks. (Which I am pretty sure she did! What a cutie)


lynz said...

i want to be there!!! make sure these friends of yours all know that we come with the poytress package :)

Jake & Kelsey said...

you are a blogging machine!!! now i want to live in portland, so you can invite us over for fun activities!! i love how worried you were, and look how quickly things are just settling in!

l said...

I'm so glad to see you guys together with friends - you hardly even skipped a beat! Just going from a month of good-bye parties to a "Welcome to my new home" party. It's great and I'm so happy for you. I can tell already that you are going to love Portland and all the friends you've just barely met and the ones you haven't even met yet.

Nicole Wagner said...

LOL...those are awesome!! thanks for having us over! I still feel so bad we never brought anything to contribute except out stomaches!!! oh well, hopefully the nachos made up a litte bit tonight:):)
we're glad you're here:)