Pack it up

Thursday was such a busy day, I guess that was kind f the theme this weekend! We got up early and got everything left at my parents packed into our Blazer, did a quick cleanup of the house, and went into Lethbridge to pick up the U-Haul. Of course when we got there we had some electrical difficulties and ended up over at "Poor Boy's" auto shop for about an hour while they sorted it out, but we figured if that's our only major delay, no big deal!

That evening we packed the Trailers and got everything ready so that we could leave as soon as Al was done work on Friday at 1:00. It took some planning but we were able to squish everything in, Yippee! Then we ordered Chinese food and hung out with the family one last time before leaving. Aaron's Mom was such a big help with my picture scanning, we got everything done that I needed to and a lots more. We finally called it a night at 1:30 and boy was I tired!

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