WIC Family.

Some of you Canadians may be asking yourself, "What the heck is WIC" well I am here to tell you just what it is and why I love it! WIC is a program they have here in the states to make sure that children 5 years of age and under are getting the proper nutrition. I wasn't sure if we would qualify because we are Canadian but it is for any Low income family living in the states, so we got our appointment and went down there for our interview. We got approved and now we get the following items FREE every month!!!!

4 4L jugs of milk
2 boxes of cereal
3 cans of frozen juice
2Lbs of Any type of cheese
2 Dozen eggs
1 Large jar of Peanut Butter or 1Lbs of peas/beans/lentils

Isn't that awesome!?! We are really grateful as poor student for any help we can get and this will be great, so Thanks Portland. Also today we ordered our washer and dryer, they are 4 years old with all new hoses etc. and the Dryer has a new heating element in it. They will be delivered tomorrow and I can't wait. I hate getting behind on Laundry. While we were out doing all this AJ fell asleep for 20 minutes in the car and decided it would be his nap, as you can imagine this made the rest of our day a little ruff.
Here is our nap free AJ, dosen't he look fun?
After dinner we need to get AJ distracted so we went to Ikea to find a desk and then came home to put it together. AJ loves helping his Dad or Grandpa or anyone build stuff so that kept him happy till bed time. He the are hard at work, aren't they so cute?
Here's AJ checking out Aarons workmanship.

Humm....I think he found his pretzels, forget the desk!

"Dose this help Dad?"


Jake & Kelsey said...

nice job scoring the WIC benefits. i didn't know it was all that every month! that's got to be a big help! especially with prices going up all the time. i can't wait until you're settled so we can see pics of portland and your apartment all set up!!!

lorraine said...

Those WIC groceries will sure come in handy! What a bonus! I hope the upacking is going well and that AJ is settling into his new surroundings.