We are horrible, after everything the Lord has done for us we didn't even make it sacrament on Sunday! We are such brats. Our sunday clothing was all packed away and er never got to it in time, plus we looked like crap but we will be going next week and can't wait. We spent the day getting organized and keeping AJ out of trouble, which is harder than you'd think in a house full of boxes. At 5:00 we went over to the Gough's (g-o-ff) house for dinner. We were so ready for a deacent mean and Alysha's taco soup did not disapoint. The have the cutes little girl named Branna, she and AJ played so well together, They have very similar tempraments so they get along great, no fighting or puching...so far anyays! Ken is entering his 10th quarter which means they still have a yea left here, and he was able to give some of his study books to Poy. You spend most of your time with your own quarter so they might not see much of eacother but I think me and Alysha will get hang out quite a bit! Anyways we mae a lot of progress in the house and got to know some really great people, I know we didn't get to church which is super important, but we had a pretty good day. Oh yeah and here are a few shots of the soggy welcome Portland gave us, way to live up to your reputation!


lynz said...

i think it's ok that you didn't make it to church :) you just got there and what a gong show the house must have been, and i'm sure it was nice to just relax and unpack and hang out with your new furniture, so good for you! you'll be ready for some spiritualness next sunday, and your ward will be so excited to have you guys!

Jake & Kelsey said...

see, look at you, making friends already! sheesh... and you were worried! ha. hope you're unpacking continues to go well.

Lorraine said...

I'd say the ox was in the mire on that Sunday - don't even worry about it. You'll be unpacked before you know it - in between all the parties and get-togethers you are going to have!