Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!

So this post in a great big THANK-YOU to our families for everything they have done for us with and in preparation for this move. Thanks to my parents for letting us invade their home for more than 7 weeks. I know it's not easy to go from just the two of you at home to having us running around messing the place us but they did it and we are so grateful. We loved getting to spend all that time with you and I know that AJ will miss seeing you guys (and the puppies!) everyday!
Thanks to Aaron's parents for taking us down to Portland on two different occasions. It was so much fun to spend time together exploring Portland and finding us a place to live. We never could have done it without you guys and there is no one we would have rather done it with! We will miss you so much.
Thanks for all your help getting packed up, cleaning, moving our stuff to Fort Mac, watching AJ, Scanning pictures, Putting on BBQ' so we could say our good-bye's, for all the good advice, blessings, and above all else the love and concern you all have for us! We are so Grateful for you all and count you as one of our greatest blessing.

So I have one last thanks to give and it's BIG one. This is for Grandpa Chuck, Al, and Jared. We want to let you guys know how much your helping us move meant to us. Not only did the Voluntarily drive some 28 hours in just 3 days but they also loaded and unload the trailer, picked up furniture, assembled furniture, and I swear that Jared must have thought I brought him as a babysitter! Every time I needed a break or had something I had to get done with out AJ, I would take him right to Jared, lol. I have never see those to hang out together before but AJ LOVES Jared, he was looking for him every time we stoped for gas or food, and it was really nice to know that Jared would take care of him. We never heard anyone complain or mention how long the drive was, they never made it seem like a chore. Even thought some may think we have it way to good for being students (he he) I know that they are genuinely exited for us and this new phase we are starting, so Thanks again Everyone we love you!


lynz said...

so glad to hear the trip went so well and that you have such great family to help it go that smoothly :) wish we were there with you and love ya!

Lorraine said...

Lacey, thank you so much for taking the time to post pictures and comments for us at home. We love to read and see what you're doing. We are so happy to be able to help you guys in any way we can. I can't wait until we can come and see you! Give AJ a hug from Grandma.

Jared said...

Anytime guys! trip was fun not a chore at all. keep those little thumbs up AJ.