Is it really morning?

Last night JR & Tammi had us over for dinner and it was great. JR and Tammie move into the basement suit in March 2007 and stayed until February 2008. When they first moved in we were both like 8 months pregnant in fact our due dates we only six days apart. Well AJ came a week early and abby was like two weeks late, but they both got here and that is when we really started getting to know each other. Being stay at home, first time Mom's we were always checking with each other on things and soon we were great friends. It's weird how you can see someone so much but then when they move away, even just 10 minutes, ow hard it is to find time for each other! Anyways Tammi has been really great a staying n touch and since we are leaving soon she insisted we come for dinner. It was great! Not having to worry about supper was so nice in this crazy busy life of mine and we were able to catch up. Thanks Guys!
I don't know why they were so into their Dad's but they just would not look at us!

Finally after much whistling, barking, and having the Dad's move behind us we were able to get this one.
And then we came home........ Grrrrrr. AJ was really hyper when we got home so we gave home some milk and let him run around a bit to work of the energy. Finally we tucked him in at 9:30 and he went right to sleep. Aaron and I Tucked in around 11:30 only to be woken up at 1:00. AJ was freaking out, I left him for 30 minutes but then I started to worry that something might be wrong. Aaron brought him into our bedroom and he laid with me till twoish but he just wouldn't go to sleep. I was so frustrated, even more so for Aaron since he had to be up for work at 7 this morning. Age and I spent the night watching TV, snuggling, and dealing with tantrums ever 30 - 45 minutes. Finally at 5AM he says's to me, "Night, Night?" YIPPIE!!!!!! He took 20 minutes to fall asleep and had to be laying right on me but he fell asleep. Poy kissed us good-bye at 7:25 and 10 minutes later AJ was up and ready fr the day. So here we are, eating breakfast and watching Tad and all I have to say is: YUCK!

Here's my early attempts at getting him back to sleep, notice the lack of smile.

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