Saying Good-bye

Family is so important to me. My whole life I have had this amazing support system backing me up, something that not everyone has. Growing up with a single Mom I have naturally been very close to the Fairbanks family. As I got older both my Mom and Dad got remarried, I was overwhelmed with all the new family. Not to mention getting to know all the Tolmans again. Then I met Aaron and soon the Poytress and Dye Families became mine as well, talk about overload!!! Just when I thought my family couldn't get any better, it did. I love the Poytress's so much they are my family and I know that they love us unconditionally. After getting married I was sure that I loved so many people my heart must surly be full, and then AJ showed up. LOL, isn't a parents love amazing, it's can never be put into word, it is something one must feel to appreciate. Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents have always meant the world to me and as I begin to say my good-bye I am filled with more Love and Gratitude than I can express.
Last night we went out to visit Grandma & Grandpa Fairbanks. They live in Taber and I try to get out to see them as often as possible, but when I am with them I always realize that it has been way to long. For the 5 or so years my Mom was single my Grandpa kind of stepped in as a father figure. He taught me to jump on the tramp with the water on it, how to properly make a plate of melted cheese, where you go to get money for your pop cans, and the right way to fill his ice bucket. Grandpa was there the morning Levi was born to take care of us, he gave me fathers blessings and took me in the waters of baptism. Grandpa Dick is one of my Hero's and there are very few people who have found their way so deep into my heart, I love him and saying our good-bye's reduced me to tears.
Then there is my Grandma. The cutest little lady you will ever meet. She is so sweet and can seem so fragile but I know better. Growing up I watch my grandma work full time at the bishops store house to support her family. As my grandpa suffered stroke after stroke my grandma was there. Always by his side, being strong for him, for her girls, and for all of us grand kids. She is a pillar of strength and from her I learned how to be strong, Optimistic, and how to lean on the Lord in times of trial. Grandma was not afraid to use her wooden spoon if the situation called for it but we respect her and even more than that we Love her. Many family dinners where prepared in her kitchen, by her hand. She taught me how to use a cookie press and the right way to sprinkle your sort bread. I love her so much and as I grow up she has become a friend, someone I can call to talk to, or go visit anytime. My Grandma has helped make me the woman I am today and I can never thank her enough for the impart she has had on my life!

P.S. We took the pictures when we first got their so we wouldn't be all red and blotchy, he he.


The Hallidays said...

Hi Lacey! I was just "blog stalking", which is one of my favorite past times, when I found your blog! What a cute little family you have. I know we've only met a couple of times, but we have so much in common - our wonderful family! I won't be able to make it to Jay and Josh's weddings either - I'm so sad! I'm excited for them. Anyway, I'll be adding you guys to my links so I can watch all of your upcoming adventures. Good luck in Portland!

Jake & Kelsey said...

i love this post. it's so nice! isn't leaving grandparents hard? i hate it everytime we come visit... the leaving again! hopefully your move will go smoothly, i can't wait to see how things turn out in portland!

Nicole Wagner said...

awwww..that made my cry.
My mom was a single mom my whole life growing up so I know what you mean.
see you soon!!