Saterday - Moving in

It was another 7 hours in the car today what with all the stops for gas and food. We got up at 5:40 and were on the interstate by 6:00. AJ said his good mornings to everyone and promptly fell back asleep the minute the car started, he has been such a good traveller. 7:30 was breakfast and it was so delicious I think that I will always stop at the little pancake house in ritzville when we make this journey. We drove along the beautiful Colombia and hit a few patches of rain but by the time we hit Portland it was all clear. Even though AJ did great in the car I have never been so exited to get out of the vehicle in my whole life! We all needed to stretch out legs and I was anxious to see our new place and start getting everything moved in.
After a few wrong turns we found the apartments only to see that we had missed the apartment managers by 5 minutes. They were gone for lunch until three and we were stuck waiting in the parking lot. ho hum. Since we had time we unhitched the trailer and sent Grandpa and Aaron to pick up the couches.
During our wait we meet Ken Gough, he is a WSCC student with 1 year of study left. He and his wife, Alysia live in the complex with their 18 month old daughter Breanna. They are such a nice couple and Ken stuck around to help us move everything in. It took a while but we got it all done, hurray we live in Oregon!
Aaron and Jarrad ran the U-Haul back while Grandpa Chuck, Al, AJ, and I went to get a few grocery's to tied us over till Mondays big shop. We have a great Safeway about 4 blocks away, which I am so exited about, since I have been stressing about it. (which I know is ridiculous!)
We ate Chinease food and then Al and Jarad came back to help set up the beds and stuff before saying good-be and heading to the hotel. It was such a long day but also very exiting, it may be messy but we finally have our own place again!!!
Pictures to come - I have to get them for Al's Camera

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