One in the same

I still have to blog for Monday but I just couldn't help posting this picture. This is Aaron and AJ right after Age's night time bath. He LOVES when Aaron is here to give him his bath and tonight he got to try out our new shower head. I don't know if I mentions the insanely low shower head here, which lead to our purchas of a new shower head! We got oneof those ones that has a long hose so you can move pick it up and move it around. Anways AJ thinks it's great btu that is beside the point. I wanted to post this picture I got, look how cute they are!?! People are constantly telling me that AJ looks like a mini Aaron but I usually can't see it but here I can. They are two very cute peas in a pod and I just love them some much!


lorraine said...

What a cute picture! They certainly are two peas in a pod. Very handsome indeed. Did you take that with your new camera?

Lacey said...

yes, I LOVE THIS CAMERA! As you can see I am still working out all the kinks but I am loving it. Steven is a photographer so I might ask him for some pointer.